Friday, January 30, 2009

"The Graves" Cast & Crew Screening

The other night I went to the cast and crew screening of "The Graves." It was great to see everyone from the crew again. It was even better to watch the movie with an audience on the big screen.

"The Graves" has it's share of blood and violence but what really hooked me were the "cat and mouse" scenes set under the hot Arizona sun. The production, sound, cinematography were top notch and the acting from Clare Grant and Bill Moseley were excellent. I don't want to make this a "spoiler" so you'll need to buy a ticket and check it out for yourself.

If you have not checked out the official "The Graves" website and "The Graves" myspace, do so now! It's so cool to see Calabrese featured as part of the cast as "themselves" along side Bill Moseley and Tony Todd.

Calabrese music has been featured in indie horror movies before but this is the first time we are featured in a film, it's about time!

[Pictured Above]
Brian Pulido (Writer, Director) with the Ronald Brothers (The Producers) on stage introducing the film and giving thanks to the cast and crew.

The release date is currently set for 2010. Eternal Entertainment will also be releasing a music video for the movie featuring our song "Vampires Don't Exist". No release date set for that video but stay tuned!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zombie Beauty Pageant - Phoenix Comicon 2009

Bobby and I had a great time as judges for the 2009 Phoenix Comicon "Zombie Beauty Pageant". We were honored to be invited as "celebrity" judges. We didn't know any of the details when we arrived and I was wondering if they were going offer us the microphone to give our scores and heckle the contestants but it was a pretty low key job. We just sat back, cracked jokes, laughed, and enjoyed the show.

After picking up some coffee at the Kwiki Mart Bobby and I pulled into the parking lot of the Mesa Convention Center. I was pleased to see that 10pm on a Thursday night the parking lot was full. The event was a rather large affair with a stage, P.A., and spotlights. For some reason, I had imagined the Pageant would be held outside or in a small stuffy conference room.

The other Celebrity Judges were:

Dean Lorey - Writer: "Jason Goes To Hell", "My Boyfriend's Back" (zombie comedy), and "Arrested Development". Dean was a very funny guy. He told me about his newest book kids book, Nightmare Academy" which sounded like a Harry Potter type of story.

Nicki DeAndrea - "Phoenix NewTimes"Music Editor. I didn't get to talk to her but she did tell Dean "Calabrese is a really great band", so she's alright in my book.

Vyle - Owner of Curioser and Curiouser and Bizarre Noir. She's a very nice lady and very much a character. She just oozes personality. I have not been to her stores yet but from reading these reviews I'm heading down there to check it out.

Brian Pulido (Creator, Writer, Producer of comic books and films) was the Mystery Guest host this year and was right at home working the stage cracking jokes and testing the audience with his vast knowledge of Zombie trivia.

When Hell is full the dead will walk the stage.

Andrea Beasley-Brown (The Midnight Movie Mamacita) showing off the prizes.

The prizes looked pretty cool too; Todd McFarland collectables, Hellboy collectables, some gift certificates (can't remember from where), Lady Death Comics and other stuff I can't remember.

The Arizona Ghost Busters rounding up the Zombie Contestants to announce the winners.

And the winner of the 2009 Zombie Beauty Pageant is................

Heather, who immediately took a bite out of Bobby after this picture was taken.



Friday, January 2, 2009

Shrunken Head Kids Art

For your viewing pleasure here’s some artwork from Andrew Ritchie that we never ended up using.

He first came up with a “Natural Geographic” image but I asked Andrew to make it less serious.
Since we are on the subject, Andrew also created a Cthulhu design that we used for a sticker and button.