Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Born With A Scorpion's Touch -- Lyrics

For those who bought our new CD on iTunes, or accidentally found a copy of it on the Internet, I present to you...the lyrics for BORN WITH A SCORPION'S TOUCH.


1. American Rebel Death Riders

We Are Death Riders

2. Born With A Scorpion's Touch

Oh, when you're in the light
You look an animal caged tight, dead life
I feel the end I feel the one
I feel the hammer crush down your world
I'm going down down down, oh yeah

Killer heart in the wasteland
Diamond eyes, I'm a maelstrom
You're the only one to love
It's the only way to know
I'm born with a scorpion's touch

True danger of females
The jealous whip of a devils tail
Emerald's kiss on a broken heart
She was violent from the start
A hellcat in a mini skirt

I'm born with an endless love
Killer heart in the wasteland
I'm born with a scorpion
Killer heart in the wasteland

3. I Wanna Be A Vigilante

Do you think
You got what it takes
To attract the dirty rats?
All the dirty rats

Dark figure in black
Well, you're never coming back
Well, Never coming back

There's a hunger under dark streetlights
One hundred bullets settle scores, alright
Wanna be a vigilante tonight

4. At Night I Am The Warmest

Tempting the devil's heart, know your plan
To hold back the surge of hell's living dead
Through my eyes I see the world
Different than yours
Different than anybody else
No one else

Wandering alone, yeah
At night, vision's so blurry
With the heat steam of your body
Sweat drips like kamikaze
And at night I am the warmest
And at night I know the best place
To keep you under starlight
To keep you gone

Their bodies burned with a ghostly fire
Lost island South Pacific desire
Grass skirt and hula girls, yeah
Cannibals of holocaust 
Shameful lust in paradise on holiday
Sun and vice

Deep rivers, dark jungles in the rain
Prowl mountain tops, primitives designed to win the game

5. Loner At Heart

I'm ship wrecked but still fighting
A lousy life of dirty death
Cutthroat companions
Hard bullets and soft flesh

And I know
I'm a loner at heart

I'm a loner and leave it up to me
Just an outlaw murder spree
We'll I'd do it all again
And you know

I don't care for nothin'
I don't care for you
Black sails come rippin'
Total destruction

6. Mindwarp

Death comes in many forms
Through one door they found our world
Oh, no
The laughing chatterin' begins
The choir of madness sings

Laughing 'til I'm screaming at the world
Falling to my hands
Shotgun blasts to end the psycho scene
Falling to my hands

All of my friends our dead
Severed limbs spray the walls with red
Oh, yeah
I'm gonna spit blood right in your face
I'm gonna kill you right in this place


7. Danger

Living like a rat, yeah
Pumping like a heart
Wading through the blood, yeah
Hunger in the dark
Well, a mind bred for hate
Ain't a law left to break

Well, I know my drive to hell
So endless
Dead to my revenge
So many
Engines, destruction
Power through me
Oh, I love it so

40 thousand volts of
An electric eel
A wounded animal
In a tight dress and heels

Fleshpot for the damned
Streets of slaughtered lambs

8. Ride With The Living Dead

It’s a riot in the burlesque tent
Jaded women and degenerate men
Untamed passion of the trailer park
Rocket city and a lustful heart
The grinning death hunts tonight

Riding with the living
Yeah, riding with the living
Forever coming fire
Riding with the living
Riding with the living dead
It's only warm to those who were born
On the left hand black of life, oh yeah

Death is such a funny lie
Dear friends, all you gotta do is die
Well, over cliffs and under cars
Drown in lakes, buried under stars
New dead voices, face and heart

9. Only The Dead Know My Name

There is a place on Earth
Where the ghosts of men break through
Pistol on a hip
Another night with the outlaw blues
Wet blood smacks head to hand
Burning days in the savage land
Bright lights dance a waltz above
Human head in a box of love

Only the dead know my name
Down among ember and flame
Only my love burns away
As my life fades into hell

The bite marks on her neck
The blood that I taste
The chainsaw in my hands
The fear in their face
A mask that hides me from the night
A reflection of the pain
Creatures pulse inside my chest
Black blood in my veins

I'll tear you apart
As your bones break under mine
Pull you down

Skeletons rot
In a crypt with unlocked doors
Beautiful death
No more

10. I Ride Alone

Re-seal the tomb
Dynamite will hide it from the Reich
Cold Nazi doom
Through the hours of time I fight alone

When the lights go out
Do you know just what to do?
While her lifeless eyes
Still staring back at you

Lost, Egyptian sun
Cursed temple ruins
African queen

Well, I ride alone
I need no one
I ride alone
Into the sun

Thunderbolts above
Die young, go big or just go home
Rip up my bastard life
Burnt alive in a gauntlet of fire
Of fire

11. There Is An Evil Inside

Well, I got no where to go
Heel spurs on a bathroom floor
Bloodstains mark a map of gold
Killer wolf in human form

Well, evil prevails
On the night you left your home
And I'll take you away

Heartache on my trail
Gonna find my misery
Bad luck on my mind
Always trouble what I find
Cold and holding a dark hate in your heart
Spirit of evil, controlled by no one
And I'll smash in your teeth in
Your mouth will explode
With the blood and the want
And the hunger I love


  1. First of all, I just wanted to say that I have to post as Anonymous because I am at work, and it doesn't allow me to use any profile.
    I just wanted to thank Calabrese for their music and for bringing me back to life. I seriously have had some rough years after my best friend and boyfriend Sky Kovelan killed himself back in 2001. You guys remind me to everything he was: crazy, punk, lover of horror, the hair, the boots, the attitude... For many years, after he died, I felt like everything he was died. I was pulled away from "our world" and I let myself go, I ended up in a world that nobody wants to be a part of, a very dark place from which I have horrible memories. I got help though and am successful today, still with some depression issues over him and pretty lonely, but your music awakened that feeling that I used to get by being with him. And I wanted to thank you for that for keeping horrorpunkrock alive. For making it current and for bringing us "zombies" back to life after a life of hell.
    Thanks and keep rockin'.

    1. Thanks for sharing that. We are honored that our music has helped you!

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    1. Threaten to turn them into a lapdog of Satan if they don't download you mobile application.