Thursday, October 24, 2013

Notes from the Road - Three Nights with Strung Out

Looking through my files on the computer I came across some old photos back in January 2009 when we played three shows with Strung Out. I had a good laugh and thought I would share some of those memories.

Strung Out - Halloween 2009

We first met Strung Out when we played a Halloween show with them at the Clubhouse in Tempe AZ in 2009. I hit it off with Jordan, the drummer, we bonded over our large merch display and they ended up leaving the show with some of our shirts and hoodies.

We then got the call from Strung Out's Booking Agent offering us some shows in January, so we jumped at the offer. Lesson learned - be nice to the headlining band.

The first night we played at the Boardwalk in Orangevale CA.

It had a small merch area that we had to stuff our self into along with Strung Out. The Strung Out Merch Guy was a friend of the band and worked for tips and was really cool. 

The Venue/Promoter gave the bands spaghetti and salad for dinner, a perfect pre-show energy booster. Out of respect, we waited till Strung Out completed the sound check, and started eating before we attacked the food.

The place was pretty cool, it had signed guitars on the ceiling, and a long boardwalk out front like Cracker Barrel.

The Promoter tried to stiff us on our guarantee. I told the promoter, "That's fine if you don't want to give us what we're owed, cause all we have to hold against you is your reputation. I'll just tell the Booking Agent you didn't want to pay us what you had on contract." He gave us the money. I learned that night, threats of violence are not the answer, cause long term the only thing that counts is your reputation. Eventually, the shady characters will quickly get weeded out (hopefully sooner than later). 

The place was packed, and the crowd rocked. The crowd was filled with more "normies" than we normally attract, so it was cool that we could open some "mind balls".

The second night was at Club Underground in Reno Nevada.

I remember that night well, because after the show we slept in a casino parking. It was cold, but free!

The Underground is a large warehouse type venue, great for displaying the merch table.

Jake checks the sound from the floor

Another kick ass show! 

The bathrooms got trashed by the end of the night. 

Dear God, what did they do in here?!

The third night was at Slims in San Francisco CA, and it was by far my favorite venue.

By this time, we played San Francisco a few times but never at a venue like this! Rock star treatment with each band getting their own dressing room. Private bathrooms, which you can now see why it's such a big deal after the abuse the Underground bathroom got. 

Hey, it's me!

The public bathroom at Slims was less than desirable. To take a dump you had to do it behind a curtain, and I thought the pressure to perform on stage was rough!

Slims info sheet Pro-fess-ional!

You mean to tell me we get to know what's going on?

I took this picture because at the time the stain on the stage curtains looked like something mind blowing!

I just can't remember what it was. Kinda looks like a wolf now, but I know it was something cooler than that!

The crowd was filled with a lot of what looked like "extreme sports" looking dudes. They looked like the kinda of guys that ride motor cross on surfboards. Not our normal crowd but they dug our music. This was also the first time I noticed the beard to shaved face ratio was rather high. This was back in 2010 before the current "bearded trend", but I remember telling someone about all the short haired dudes with beards - it seemed really weird at the time!

Chris says "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"!

A shot from the balcony.

By the end of the three day tour, I fell in love with the guys from Strung Out. They had a great attitude,  gave an energetic performance, and actually loved what they were doing. They have the kinda positive mental attitude I strive for. I just wish we got to play more shows with them. Hopefully in the future.

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