Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How much Soul do you have?

They say only the Devil can collect the souls of the living...I
disagree! We have collected a few ourself! People think we're
megalomaniacs but let me ask you this -- how many souls has YOUR band collected?

What do we plan on doing with these souls? The possibilities are endless, but we are hanging onto them for a rainy day. So when the time comes and we need some quick cash to upgrade our equipment, we might sell them to companies like the WWYS (www.wewantyoursoul.com) or we could sell them back to the original owners (Ebay has currently banned the sale of souls).

I know, I know, we could eat these souls and gain immortality, fame and fortune, but that would be cheating. We want to do things the old fashion way -- with blackmail, bribes and threats!

Here's a sampling of the souls we've gathered when suckers...er, people joined our Fan Club, "The Young American Mystic Cult Of Horrors." Names have been removed to protect these soulless beings!

1/3 of this Soul is mine but the bastard wants it back when he dies! What a tease! (We still have not signed it yet.)
One Soul coming right up!

This is signed in blood, nice!

This guys signed over his "living" soul to a "Calabrese brother", now we have to fight over it!
How cute she's giving us her soul, collection to be made upon death, I can't wait!

I'm pretty sure this contract will hold up in court, just try and take it back buddy.

Nice and simple.

Feel free to send us your Soul, no membership required, we'll take good
care of them!

CALABRESE/Spookshow Records
P.O. Box 93817
Phoenix, AZ