Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calabrese Crime Scene Winners!

Here are the winners of last month's vague art contest. In no particular order:

Rhiannon Faurie

Noah Bailey

Acey Morgue

Danny D.

Andrew Snyder

Rudey Fascist

Matt Coffin

I stood alone in the hallway staring at the door to my apartment. I started to go for my keys but stopped. I knew the door wasn't locked. I slowly reached for the door knob, but quickly drew my hand back. I heard someone inside coming close to the door. Alex, my accomplice in all of this, was getting people away from the door and talking quite loudly. I assumed it was so I would hear him. He was getting people into position for my surprise. But the surprise was on them. And the surprise was great.
I took a deep breath and grabbed the door knob. I threw the door open and walked inside, cool and casual like nothing was going to happen.
"Surprise!" everyone yelled, all smiles, except for Alex.
He sat across the room from me just staring, a blank expression on his face. His hand twitched and I nodded. I reached for my back where the two Colt .45's rested, wedged into my pants. With one steady swoop I pulled the guns to the front of me. The room fell deathly silent and I opened fire. Alex stood and did the same. Each gun blast signaled another death of the yuppie squids I called "friends". I paused for a second to reload and continued into the room. The party was really starting to get interesting. People were running and trying to hide behind tables and chairs. Trying to save their pathetic lives. I turned to watch for the door and blasted away each person that ran for it. I continued walking into the room backwards until Alex and I were back to back. Sometime during the event he had also turned. We started spinning slowly, shooting in a full 360 until I could see no survivors.
Betty Bloodshed

They will all receive a set of first edition BODYBAG Trading Cards from Troy Holbrook and the full collection of Calabrese Stickers.