Sunday, February 28, 2010

Notes From The Road - Nashville, TN. @ The Bottom Lounge

Burlesque, booze and bands. That pretty much sums up The Goon 10th anniversary show. In 2009 Eric Powell invited us, and our good pals Ghoultown, to play his event.  The show was held at the Bottom Lounge in Nashville Tennessee.

It was a dark and dreary day and it didn't start raining till the end of the show while we loaded up the gear.

We were the first to arrive and the place was an empty warehouse. Getting pre-show jitters I worried that the place could NEVER fill up. But with the power of The Goon, 3 bands and a ton of burlesque dancers it was a lock.

A few hours before the show Santi from Ghoultown lead us to a hidden location a few blocks away were we could buy coffee. We ended up at this trendy bar hidden within the factory buildings.  We entered the bar with Santi in his cowboy hat, boot spurs and bullet bandelero, but since it was Nashville they only thought Bobby and I the freaks with our greaser look.

(Lyle from Ghoultown and Bobby)

I remember seeing a lot of the people we met at DragonCon at the show. And we got to hang with Eric for a while before the crowd showed up.  Once again we forgot to make it a Kodak moment and didn't take any pictures with Eric.
To close out our set we called Ghoultown and Eric up onstage to sing some Misfits tunes to end the night.

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  1. This really was an awesome show...despite the cold rain. And 10 hour drive.