Friday, June 11, 2010

Notes from the Road – Corpus Christi TX. @ ZEROS

I couldn't find the original show flyer, but I'm pretty sure the first time we played at Zeros was in 2008.

We arrived in the afternoon, and when we opened the door to the bar smoke billowed out like the place was on fire. The anti-smoking ban clearly not in effect. Only a few locals sat at the bar drinking and smoking. Hours later, they would leave as soon as the first band started playing.

It’s strange the emotions you feel stepping into a dive bar thousands of miles away from home; depression, anxiety, boredom, disappointment. Then people start to show up, the other bands the fans. Eventually you start talking with someone who’s been a fan for years and you share stories and a real human connection is made. And that connection is what keeps you playing dive bars across the world – it’s the people you meet.

I forget the owner’s name the first time we played at Zeros but he looked like he stepped out of an 80’s movie. He reminded me of the Cobra Kai sensei from the Karate Kid. While Bobby and I hung out in the van the owner would mysteriously walk out into the darkness of the back parking lot then return stumbling back in the bar…interesting.

The last time we played at Zeros there was a new owner, he was a really nice guy who introduced us to his wife and told me about life in Corpus and the strip clubs.

A memorable moment was when a fight broke out while we were setting up. If memory serves me correctly the fight was about how long it was taking us to play.

Check out a show review on this blog I stumbled upon.

And of course, we blew a fuse.

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