Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Graves / Vampires Don’t Exist Music Video

With our new music video scheduled for September (with Brian Pulido again) I thought it fitting to recap our last music video for the movie, The Graves. The song we chose for the movie is a fan favorite, "Vampires Don’t Exist." The video is a cross promotional vehicle for Calabrese and the movie. The scenes for the music video we shot were also used in the movie. We are featured at the beginning of the movie. We play Calabrese, the band that the heroines come to see before they get into trouble!

It was awesome seeing ourselves on the big screen at the cast and crew screening. I think it’s a natural progression for Calabrese to be projected ten feet tall. If you have not seen the movie, I’d suggest renting it or picking up a copy to add to your Calabrese Collection. We’d be happy to sign the DVD. The extras on the DVD have a performance only version of the video.

When we first arrived at the movie location, I didn’t know what to expect for an indie horror film, but when I saw the 3 RVs and 2 trucks unloading equipment and people, I was very impressed.

From what we’ve learned about making movies and videos, there’s a lot of hurry up and wait. We arrived at 4pm at the venue The Sets, as instructed, and I don’t think we shot our scene 'til around 8pm. The assistant director (I think that’s who it was) told us set up our instruments on the stage right away. So we hurried up, got everything into position, including the banner, then the lighting guys did their thing. We were excited, we were ready to rock...but we had to wait.

While we waited, a line of extras started forming outside the venue. The movie held an open casting call and a lot of Calabrese fans and the curious showed up!

I was told that this day was the last day of shooting and everyone was in a good mood. I guess out in the desert, where they shot most of the film, was pretty rough and the cast and crew were happy to get back civilization.

After what seemed like hours, the crew’s walkie talkies started buzzing. Like General Patton about to arrive, the director, Brian Pulido, was coming and everyone was getting ready. I believe they just shot the scene at Atomic Comics. Then they arrived, Brian, Adam (the Cinematographer) and the actresses. The set came alive, down time was over. Brian said hello to the crew while checking the location for the next scene. The actresses were whisked away into one of the trailer for a costume change. While they were getting their hair and makeup done they listened to "Vampires Don’t Exist." They had to familiarizing themselves with the song to join us on stage to sing.

When they were ready for us, all we had to do was perform along to the song while they blasted it through the PA. To the camera, Brian would introduce the band then we’d do our thing. I took some shots from the stage during the down times. I believe we performed about 5 times while they shot the scene with several different cameras and POVs. Then we were done.

They had snack table all day and a nice spread of food to feed the cast and crew after they finished shooting our scene. After dinner, they shot the final bar scenes around midnight.

We only met Claire Grant and Jillian Murray, unfortunately, Tony Todd and Bill Moseley were not in our scene. My biggest regret from the movie was that I didn’t get killed nor was I scripted to kill anyone. My cinematic vision had been squashed!

We got to see a screening of the movie before everyone else, see this blog post. Then the movie had limited theater run during the After Dark 4 Horror Fest. I didn’t get to see it with an audience but I heard reports that at least in one theater, the audience cheered when they saw Calabrese on screen. Fuck yeah!

We are eternally grateful to Brian Pulido for writing us into the script and getting us some screen time.

Overall it was a great experience. We had fun on a professional movie shoot, we have another promotional music video, and we are now officially a part of horror movie history!


  1. Kick ass music video! The film? It was "okay." Definitely had the spirit of the genre, but something was missing... Calabrese on the other hand is rocking as always.

  2. Thanks, appreciate you taking the time to read the blog and the comment!

  3. Awesome blog! Cool to read the whole BTS for the video/cameo!

  4. awesome seeing you guys on my tv!

  5. Jimmy, you definitely got mad journalism skills! I loved the inside look at shooting the vid and the film! Thanks for a peek inside a day in the life of Calabrese!