Thursday, December 2, 2010

They Call Us Death -- Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to our new album, for those who bought it on iTunes, or accidentally found a copy of it on the internet.


They Call Us Death
In the dust there's a flame that burns
Pack of wolves watch the meat in turns
Because the pain that you alone will feel
Will never seem as real
As the night you went and died

Where in the world has a fool like you to run
When the sun
Burns beyond the veil of days
She broke her vows
She lost her life
In the end they call us death

When the stars in the sky they bleed
All my life they have lied to me
The hearts of men possessed by sin
Revenge it pulls me in
When the devil calls me home


Black Anathema
This place is cold and lonely
You better start to worry
There’s no ever leaving here
The spell is all around us
Making my world feel worthless
A ghost imprinted in the air

When you lie, you will live no more
I know your secrets
I know your weakness
When you sin, you will give me more
I know your secrets
I know your weakness

You dreams are dead and broken
Everyone has forgotten
Who you are what you have to say
It's too late to pray
It's too late to change
Your world is burning down
You'll fade away


Deep In The Red
Bleed, all over me
Bleed the heat inside your skin
Bleed the hate you keep within
Well, the pain that chokes the world
Is the serpent crawling through your veins
In your heart, it’ll stop
To take on you

Deep in the red
There’s nothing but a pulsing death
Taking all your life, baby
Everything you know
Will soon be mine right through your eyes
Move slow, holy blood

Screams in the dark
Crippled inside
When you fall you fall apart
In the darkness in the world
In the cold Antarctic of your heart
You cry blood
And leave me screaming


Near Twilight
Oh, my baby believes that demons are real
But only I know the way
Why you walk in fear and hide?
Failed to open up your eyes to see
Trust in me
In me

Oh the twilight, its killing me
Oh my body, it burns and bleeds

The things that we do they seem rather strange to you
Cause we believe in worlds you cannot see
When the devil calls you will hear your name
And know that you are just like one of us
You can’t deny your desires


Blood of the Wolf
You wanted power they gave us pain
They don’t care if you live or die just as long as you do what they say
Do you ever question what you believe?
Is there a God above or are we alone?

You better move it when we move into shape and start to change
Blood of the wolf
Heart pumpin’ death, black death into our teenaged veins
Blood of the wolf

Steel coffin holds me down
Blood in me is the blood in the ground
And it feels just like I’m on my way
Born in dirt with nothing left
'Cause my bones are breaking and I don’t give a shit
It’s the power of death


Within the Abyss
See, I see the end
You wanna be, just where I stand
I walk through flames, where the damned fall in place
Oh, baby, so strange

From beyond our time and space
To destroy the lives of man
Lightning strikes the womb and no child will be born alive
As is in hell

When you're alone, that's when I'll whisper my venom
What makes you feel strange, is why we are the same
Fall toward the Abyss within


My body is a wasteland
The heat is all I wanted
Like a four crowned burning pain in my chest
My veins, they're screaming
Like a ghost in its death
And it goes...

A weaker man
Might burn in hell, for the venom
Drink your death
Blacken the blood
Feel the power
Destroy the world
Eternity turns

What lies beneath, you don’t want to see
Faceless creatures with a secret name
A chill in your mind that will make you a sinner
A crooked spine of evil charm


Summon the Beyond
In the hour of fire, left hands grab
All that I have left is all I've planned
Because the blood that I'll use tonight
Is the blood that I know is mine
And the heart knows just how to melt
When it's outside beyond your chest in hell

We summon the ancients
We offer our sins
Phantoms of madness
Perversions within
Invoking those who were never born
To bring hell crashing down on you

It’s your choice to take the knife
One decision brings the afterlife
When you see all the hate it brings
The eyes empty, call to me
Temptations of the ecstasy
Your life is dead
A fantasy


Violet Hellfire
We stand at the edge of time and live to walk away
Exploding worlds, violent stars, chaos gods
We call to them
Chaos rules again
Chaos rules

When the Unknown grows in force
Flesh and blood and broken bones
A silent whisper from beyond
Spirit of darkness lets me know that...

Violet Hellfire comes
This hell…is our home
Buried in the wall of bedroom where I used to live
The memories they haunt me still of what I did, of who I am
My live is a lie, my life is…


The Machine of Instant Death
I feel the ashes
Of everything I’ve known , through the madness
With the hellhound wolf’s disease
Feeds the bodies hot in heat
Into the ether
Into the unknown

Oh, this shadowed life I roam
Is the only life I know
You see me as the end
Well, I am
Sweat burns the flesh
Hot machine of instant death
Bright lights are only a dream

You seem like nothing
Invisible to me
You hold it all back
Biting your tongue
And tasting the blood
The nameless horror
That they call love


Endless Night
There's a darkness in the world
I feel its pull
In the beating heart that kicks out dirt
You'll find me there
'Cause the only death I like
Is the death buzz of the night
When your knife plants a kiss through my heart, you're alive

I know you don't belong
I know you wanted more
It's all a lie, you know
Paranoia's cold shadow
In this endless night
You will do just what you're told
Don't look back you're alone

Possessed with a spirit I brought forth
Down deep with the vultures and the worms
A quicksand of serpents remind me
My bones and the dirt are the same


Loveless God
I have seen the end of time
It makes it’s way
To the forefront of my mind
Breathe in, taste the dirt
What you want is dead and gone
There’s no return
Holy death, holy design
I am the dead

After what we did last night
We can never go home
When you’re all alone
We will always know

With you tarot cards you told me
Things I tried to hide away from the world
They spoke of secrets and lies
Skeletons of despair and crime



  1. Glad to see y'all put these up for the digital purchase people. I personally HAVE to have the CD...but that probably has to do with my age. I love packaging, even if it's wasteful!

    Hey, the CD of Traveling Vampire Show didn't have lyrics...howzabout y'all post those next? That would rock!

  2. This is sweet! It's nice to have easy access and not have to break out the CD for the lyrics when listening to this on my computer! I agree with Dude! We need Traveling Vampire Show and 13 Halloweens lyrics on here too!

  3. Oh hell yes! I agree with the above comments, the lyrics for Traveling Vampire Show would be awesome!

  4. I bought the MP3s due to fatherhood and them being cheaper to ship from the USA than a CD!
    This makes my day!

  5. Glad you folks like having the lyrics posted. The Traveling Vampire was left without lyrics by design. We wanted people to guess what were singing. It makes for good conversation.

  6. lol I remember we were talking abt this lol
    thanx alot jimmy

  7. I like the lyrics but would send a vial of blood of my first born for the guitar/bass tabs for these songs! I hadn’t played guitar in 20 years and these songs inspired me to take up the guitar again! The tabs online suck at best.