Thursday, March 3, 2011

Notes from the Road – Brookdale, CA @ The Haunted Brookdale Lodge

“BLOOD FEST II - The 2nd annual Blood Fest at the Haunted Brookdale Lodge! Including Live performances by STELLAR CORPSES, CALABRESE, TELL TALE HEARTBREAKERS, HERE KITTY KITTY and round two of The BIKINI BLOODBATH WRESTLING TOURNAMENT!!! Enter now for you chance at the $100 grand prize!! Must be 18 to wrestle. Show is all ages.”

I can’t believe it was November of 2009 that we played at the Brookdale Lodge, it seems like just a few months ago! I remember this show more for the location than anything else. They say the lodge was a vacation spot for Al Capone and the other mobsters of the 1920’s. The place was aging but it still held it’s charm.

Heading out to the lodge we foolishly followed the diabolical directions of the Garmin GPS. It took us through tiny twisting mountain roads with oncoming traffic passing us within inches. To make matters worse, a convoy of cars built up behind us 'cause I had to slowly maneuver the terror-roads.

Brookdale Lodge, a river runs through it – a river of death!

I waited for Frodo to come running through the doorway!

The room we played in did not have central heating, instead, it was solely heated by this fireplace. Did I mention it was a cold November night?

Davey sat next to the fire most of the night and talked with a guy who was the son of a Preacher who performed exorcisms, you know, a typical Calabrese fan. The guy also told Davey about the Lizard People who lived within the hollow Earth. Did I mention by the end of the night Dave’s pal spilled his beer all over the merch table? But he was a nice guy and bought one of the posters he ruined.

In the room next to us, a local paranormal group had set up cameras and sound recording equipment. They said they were trying to capture the presence of the dead, but I think they were actually trying to bootleg the show.

Did I accidently capture a picture of a ghost?

I was talking with the Paranormal group and they said they’ve made contact with a little dead girl who haunts the hotel. Fun!

I had a good time creeping around the lodge.

It’s in a book...the place must be haunted!

Here’s Dan from Stellar Corpses setting up the inflatable pool for the bikini jello wrestling contest.Good job, Dan!

A fan presented Bobby with a homemade “I’m in Twilight” t-shirt.


Stellar Corpses rockin it.

Our buddies Stellar Corpses tried to outdo us with their merch. Nice selection, guys.

We still win!


  1. The little dead girl probably only stopped by to see y'all play! Being a ghost and all, you get free admission to EVERY show!

  2. I hate freeloading ghosts! I want my $2!